KanColle Naka Kai Ⅱ - Armor Girls Project

Reference: 47926

  • Name : Naka Kai Ⅱ
  • Size : Approx. 210 mm
  • Materials : ABS/PVC
  • Licence/Manga : Kantai Collectio
  • Product : Armor Girls Projectn
  • Brand : Tamashii Nations
  • Manufacturer : Bandai

KanColle Naka Kai Ⅱ - Armor Girls Project

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Also a Naka who served as the center of the fourth torpedo squadron! Sendai (Sendai) type three sisters of the youngest child, idle "Naka ​​(Naka) breaks two" is the commercialization of "ship this". It started a special stage that the image of a "live stage", face parts, etc. will be abundantly supplied. Also, if align all the three sisters of Sendai type, it can be assembled into a huge stage by linking specification. - Expressive in "Nakaaratameni" is, the replacement face parts are three accessories. "Damage face" is also included, you can reproduce the scene. Idol dedicated stage comes that mimics the "live stage" from the character set that. Also become a "can-type", "wing-type" by the deformation mechanism, and more enjoyable in combination with Naka breaks two.


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