Find the videos of our discounted damaged boxes !

Are the figurines sold in damaged boxes new?

Yes, the figurines are completely new, only their boxes have suffered more or less damage. The discount depends on the extent of the damage caused to the box.

Are the figurines sold in damaged boxes intact?

Our priority is your satisfaction also when a box is badly damaged, we unseal it and inspect its contents to guarantee the integrity of the figure and its accessories! We keep the boxes sealed when they show only slight damage (bent corners, scratches, signs of wear, slight bulges, etc.).

Why sell damaged boxes?

Some customers are not particularly attached to the boxes of figures and this is an opportunity for them to get a new figure to display in their showcase at a lower cost!

Do you have pictures of the damage on the box?

In order to present you as well as possible the damage in the boxes and not to have any unpleasant surprises upon receipt of your order, we filmed the boxes of the figures for sale from several angles.

Where can I see the videos of damaged boxes?

You can watch the video of a figure sold in a damaged box by clicking on the "Video" tab of the product's article sheet or view all our videos by clicking here!
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