Find all the information you need to know before placing a pre-order!

What is a pre-order?

A pre-order consists of ordering an item which is not yet commercially available but whose publication is imminent.

What interest do I have in pre-ordering? Isn't it better to wait until the product is out?

Pre-ordering allows you to reserve first an item whose quantities are generally small. It is common for the manufacturer of the product to run out of stock after release. And in this case the latecomers just have to take their trouble patiently, unlike those who had the wisdom to pre-order.

If my order also includes products that are already available, will I be delivered in several installments?

No, your order will only be shipped once all the products are available!
If you want to receive products immediately available more quickly, you will need to place two separate orders on our site.

Do I have to pay immediately for a pre-order?

The amount of the pre-order is to be paid in full when confirming your order.

Can the announced release dates change?

Although the announced release dates are as precise as possible, it is not excluded that certain release dates may be modified depending on the vagaries of manufacture or transport.
The dates are then updated on the product sheet directly.


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