Little Twin Stars Sanrio - Figuarts Zero

Reference: 54485

  • Name : Little Twin Stars
  • Size : Approx. 65 mm
  • Materials : ABS/PVC
  • Licence/Manga : Little Twin Stars
  • Product : Figuarts Zero
  • Brand : Tamashii Nations
  • Manufacturer : Bandai

Little Twin Stars Sanrio - Figuarts Zero

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Popular Sanrio character "Little Twin Stars" is decided at the same time with pastel color and retro color at the same time! The popular Sanrio character "Little Twin Stars" in the world appeared in the standard figure series that is easy to gather!
It is simultaneous release with pastel color and retro color! Parts that can reproduce the state that the two hands are holding hands are also included! Furthermore, facial expressions can be changed by Kiki and Lara. I can decorate with my favorite pose because my neck can move. The direction of the body and the direction of the neck can also be changed!


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